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Janna is a writer and storyteller. And up until 2016, she only used these skills to tell her own stories and coach others to do the same. But after being repeatedly asked to write content for friends and clients ("That's perfect! Can you just say it for me??"), she decided to give it a whirl and found that she deeply enjoys the process of honing in on an organization or individual's voice, and then speaking for them in the way they most want to speak for themselves. 

Since then, she has continued to study the formalities of content strategy and copy writing across various platforms, and continues to enjoy writing for others very much. Janna has written web copy, press releases, customer letters, in-house sales scripts, company history, product names and label text for professional clients from restauranteurs to theater companies, to global tech companies, to app start-ups to educational organizations. Samples are available upon request.


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''Deep in the autumn of this year, I had a dream about a little boy with flaxy hair and skinny arms, building a wall with his hands, brick by brick. He worked steady and determined with a strength that seemed to surpass his small body. When he felt me watching, he paused from his work and looked over his shoulder and said, 'When I was young, this was the best way I could imagine to be made by the world. To work upon material until it began to match the shapes inside my mind and heart, and to let that working make me. To let my body grow to be a record of the effort of my love.'

After the dream, that became a kind of prayer for me: Let my body be a record of the effort of my love."

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